Our survey provisioning team knows some pretty cool tricks to customize survey behaviour at run-time. Javascript is our tool of choice for tweaking behaviour, and here's an example that might be useful if you have a long multiple choice list, and wish there was a "Select All" option.

While we don't currently have a configuration option to enable this, it can be accomplished with a little bit of Javascript magic. Here's what you need to do...

If you use Sona-Systems for your participant panels, then we've got your covered!

You can easily leverage the participant panel services of Sona Systems to secure participants for your survey. Passing the Sona Systems participant code to our platform is simple to configure, ensuring that you'll maximize the effectiveness of your survey, while meeting privacy requirements to collect and retain participant data securely in Canada.

There are times where it is really nice to have a short URL that people can remember for your survey. We're super-excited to announce a new, free service that lets you transform your survey URL to a simple link http://oursurvey.ca/wmHZc0P

There's other benefits if you sign up for a free account, so be sure to read on....

A few bugs will be squashed in June! The following fixes will be released to survey instances over the next 30 days:

  • Under some situations, dates weren't validating correct for the Date question type.
  • Text displayed to left and right of 5 point scale would be bolded on left but not on right. Bolding removed.
  • CAPTCHA text changed from "prove you are human" to "complete the following small task"
  • Error could be triggered under some scenarios when auditlog plugin enabled
  • Various language translation updates

In mid-May, to celebrate Canada's 150th birthday, we updated our admin login screen to feature an amazing collection of images highlighting Canada.


Being Canadian, it seems appropriate to find a way for us here at HICS to celebrate Canada's 150th Anniversary. After copious amounts of coffee, our team noticed that our Enterprise subscriptions all had a $150 setup fee, so we got to thinking, and realized: "Hey, that would be a cool thing to do -- let's eliminate the setup fee." So, that's what we've done.

That means that if you were on the fence about when to sign up, well, hey, it's time.

Plus ....

Customers include ...