You have two options when creating surveys:

  1. Anonymous
  2. Non-anonymous

What is the difference between an anonymous survey and a non-anonymous survey?

Looking for ways to motivate people to complete your online survey?

This is easily done. You can create two surveys -- the first survey is for your data collection.

When a respondent completes the survey successfully, you can pass their survey ID along to a second survey. The second survey can only be responded to if surveyID from the first survey is provided.

In the second survey, you ask the questions you require for the contest.

When you do your draw, you can double-verify that the winner completed the survey by validating the respondents surveyID against your first survey!

There are times where you may wish to backup your survey structure in order to reuse it at a future date. This can be easily accomplished by using the Export Survey Structure option.

  1. First, select a survey
  2. Next, select the icon Export Survey Structure


  3. We recommend you choose the option XML survey file (*.lss)
  4. Save the resulting file to a folder on your computer

Next you need to Export Response Data.

  1. Select your survey
  2. View your survey responses:


  3. Select the option Export a VV survey file:


  4. Use the default options, and save this file to the same folder as the survey structure file you exported earlier.

Keep these two files safe -- they contain your survey structure and your data.

Later, if you want to create a new survey using the two exported files (either just the survey structure, or addtionally, the data), just email us these two files at the same time you are requesting a new survey, and we will use them to create your new survey.

Need more help? Watch this short video tutorial on How to Create a XML survey file


Most Canadian provincial governments and associations have privacy rules that will dictate that survey data collected about Canadians must be stored in Canada. Hosted in Canada Surveys is a great SurveyMonkey alternative, and meets Canadian privacy requirements. We are happy to provide survey services to Canadian associations, and both Canadia provincial and Canadian federal government clients.

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