Looking for a Survey Monkey or FluidSurveys alternative for use by the Government of Canada? Do you need a Canadian survey tool for your next survey? The Federal Government has policies about the storage and collection of data and the need for survey data to be collected and stored in Canada. Our platform offers a powerful survey tool that can meet the needs of Government of Canada surveys -- and the survey software is not only bilingual, meeting in the needs of hosting French and English surveys without the need to create multiple instances of the survey, but is multilingual -- handling at the current time translations for 74 different languages. Hosted in Canada Surveys is an ideal Canadian survey tool for Government of Canada organizations looking for a Survey Monkey or FluidSurveys alternative.


Label sets are basically lists; each list has a set of codes and a set of labels and can be used in multiple choice answers in a variety of ways.

Here is an example of how you create a survey label set. If one wants to define a custom 7-points Likert scales, a label set provides this function.

1. For the rating questions -- first you should create a label set for your ratings:


2. Then, when you are creating each survey question make sure you set the Type to Array.


Then save the question.

3. When the page refreshes after you save, you'll be able to see the option to create a subquestion :


4. Select the button Predefined label sets... and from the Label Set browser, choose the label set you created in step 1


5. Repeat this for each question -- this way you just create your 60 questions, and assign the 1 label set to each of them

Our clients are thrilled to learn that they can export their Hosted in Canada Surveys data to SPSS. Unlike Survey Monkey, which does not provide a direct means for exporting data to SPSS, with Hosted in Canada Surveys you have one-click ability to export your data to SPSS! When exporting data to SPSS there are two filter options. You can select which data should be selected (all records/completed records only/incompleted records only) and for which SPSS version the export files will be used (prior version 16/16 or up).

Full details on exporting survey data can be found in the support Wiki.

In my daily chats with customers, one common request is "Can we map our own personal domain to our survey?"

The answer is yes! These are called parked domains -- we can register a domain name for you if you don't have one yet, and we park that domain on top of your personal Hosted in Canada Survey's domain.

In addition to this, if you are only running 1 survey at a time, we can set up your account so that visitors to your site instantly see the landing page for your survey -- so instead of sending them the long URL that is generated, you can just send them your domain name instead!


Recently we were asked if it was possible to embed a survey within an email message.

Due to the variety of different email clients, this is not currently possible.

Customers include ...