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For over 10 years, we've been meeting the survey needs of ...

Academic Researchers

Conducting a research study and need to maintain data privacy? Our platform will ensure you get quick approval from your ethics committee.

Healthcare Professionals

Collect data in confidence with data-at-rest encryption and end-to-end SSL encrption, with data safely hosted in Canada.

Governmental Organizations

Reach out to your constituents and community in their language. Build and collect data against one survey, and publish questions in multiple languages.

Private Sector Businesses

Conduct customer statisfaction surveys, with links directly from your own web site or send out email invitations from your eCommerce platform.


Nonprofit survey results help you uncover the metrics you need to track in order to drive improvements so that you can spend more time transforming your vision into a reality -- from gathering donor feedback to member and volunteer satisfaction surveys, and everything in between!

Market Researchers

Leverage our participant panel and trust your market and public opinion research surveys to our secure, hosted in Canada, platform. Export data to sophisticated analysis tools like SPSS, STATA, along with Excel and CSV formats.

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