We've just completed our February 2018 service patch release. This was a minor release, with one new feature.


We've just completed our November 2017 service patch release. Some great new features have been added, along with the never-ending task of chasing down quirky bugs!

Some of the new features include:

Thanks to feedback from several of our customers (you know who you are, and thanks for reporting the issue!), we identified and resolved a couple of issues with the generate of the SPSS syntax file. While the data file exported all data correctly, the syntax file would occasionally generate invalid variable lengths and precision values for text and numeric variables.

The patch for this has now been released. If you notice any further issues with the SPSS syntax file, please submit a support ticket!

Overview of Email Sending Options

On all our plans, you have the option of bulk sending of email invitations and reminders. These are manual methods, which means you need to supervise the sending. These methods are perfect if you have small lists up to about 1,000 participants.But if you have tens of thousands of participants, you'll want to learn about the Automated Email Management service.

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