A few bugs will be squashed in June! The following fixes will be released to survey instances over the next 30 days:

  • Under some situations, dates weren't validating correct for the Date question type.
  • Text displayed to left and right of 5 point scale would be bolded on left but not on right. Bolding removed.
  • CAPTCHA text changed from "prove you are human" to "complete the following small task"
  • Error could be triggered under some scenarios when auditlog plugin enabled
  • Various language translation updates

In mid-May, to celebrate Canada's 150th birthday, we updated our admin login screen to feature an amazing collection of images highlighting Canada.


Being Canadian, it seems appropriate to find a way for us here at HICS to celebrate Canada's 150th Anniversary. After copious amounts of coffee, our team noticed that our Enterprise subscriptions all had a $150 setup fee, so we got to thinking, and realized: "Hey, that would be a cool thing to do -- let's eliminate the setup fee." So, that's what we've done.

That means that if you were on the fence about when to sign up, well, hey, it's time.

Plus ....

Your boss just popped her head over your cubicle and has said: "We need to know what our customers think about our changes. And this time, we aren't going to send out a paper-based survey -- I want it done online!"

Desiginng a questionnaire is all about setting up questions to get the answers you need to do your analysis. In our experience, the simplier your survey the better. The longer and more complex your survey, the less likely you'll have a full set of response from each person. I remember once receiving a survey that took 20 minutes to complete -- I didn't get that far into it before the phone rang, and I was off to other things.

So, before you start building your survey, I recommend you do some initial planning. The following are some tips to guide you on your way...

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