We often talk to students and staff at Canadian universities, who are looking for a web-based survey solution hosted in Canada.

Our survey software, Hosted in Canada Surveys, is a great solution for universities and academic researchers to deploy surveys and collect and analyze data.

In addition to academic research, our web based survey software can be used to rate student satisfaction, class evaluations, and to conduct academic research and to gather alumni feedback.

Here are some of the types of surveys universities and colleges can use our software for:

Faculty Academic Research

Academic research is by far the most common use of our web-based survey software at Canadian universities. The software is easy for students and non-computer orientated people to learn to use. Survey data can also exported to SPSS and other export formats for further offline analysis.

Generic Data Collection

Do you need to quickly gather information from students, faculty, or other members of your academic institution? Our Canadian web survey software is a great tool for quickly building a survey, inviting respondents quickly by email, collecting, and then reviewing results.

Multilingual International Surveys

Bilingual surveys are popular in Canada. Our Canadian web survey software supports up to 74 different languages for your survey. If you are an academic conducting a multinational multilingual survey, you'll love the ease in which you can build one survey and target it to a variety of languages.

Graduate Academic Research

Canadian universtities can purchase a single account to use our Canadian web survey software, and allow multiple students to access the software to build and manage their surveys.

Academic Discounts

Learn more about our academic discounts.


Starting on March 12, 2010 we've super-simplified our pricing model.

Now, there is only one pricing model for our service -- $18.95/month/survey gives you unlimited responses. So you can launch your survey to a small audience, or ramp it up to tens of thousands of respondents, and no worrying that quotas will shut your survey down at a critical moment! And no overpaying for responses you might get.

Learn more on our Pricing page.

Our software meets most of the criteria in the 508 Compliance Website, and also meets W3C standards for accessibliity. Since you can populate survey questions and answers with your own HTML text, to remain compliant, we recommend using basic content elements. Accessibility compliance will be dependent on how you build out your survey.

Accessibliity also depends on which templates you use. If you customize templates, you should test them with the W3C validator.

Of course at Hosted in Canada Surveys, we know that a lot of folks will need to create a bilingual survey. Our platform has fantastic multilingual support -- that's right, English, French, and a host of other languages.

When you create your survey, you'll select a base language. From there, you then can proceed to add any number of other languages to your survey:


The "additional languages" will appear as tabs for all objects that you'd need to provide alternative languages for:


While surveys are typically all about agreggates, sometimes there is a need to export individual responses.

With our platform, you can export responses in SPSS format, but how can you export a single response?

Yes, there are two options for you:

  1. When exporting results to .csv/Excel/Word you can set a range. Just check which dataset you want to export and limit the range like "from 10 to 10".
  2. When you are viewing an individual response, you can click Export response icon:


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