Hosted in Canada Survey Features

Our platform allows you to quickly create intuitive, powerful, online question-and-answer surveys that can work for tens to thousands of participants without much effort.

With just your web browser, you'll be able to develop, publish and collect responses to surveys. Hosted in Canada Surveys includes a wide range of built-in question types, and a range of flexible options. Your surveys can include branching, your own preferred layout and design (using a templating system), and a reporting / statistics engine, along with export options for a variety of 3rd party statistical analysis tools (such as SPSS, R, and STATA).

Surveys can be public, or can be strictly controlled through the use of "once-only" tokens for each survey participant.

Here's what you'll get with your Hosted in Canada Surveys account:


The Basics

Data and servers in Canada
Private VPS Instance   (Enterprise Tier)
W3C Accessibility Compliance
Screen Reader Accessiblity
Responsive survey templates for smartphone and mobile viewing
Create your Own Survey Templates
Multilingual Surveys
Granular survey permissions for admin user accounts

Survey Design

Any number of questions in a survey
Any number of participants to a survey
Integration of pictures and movies into a survey
Creation of a printable survey version
Mass Translations
Copy & Paste Questions
Move Questions Page to Page
Randomize Pages
Live Preview

Survey Logic Features

Advanced Condition Builder
Re-usable editable answer sets
Show/Hide Questions
Disable Questions
Skip to a Question
Skip to a Page
Redirect Browser
Custom Scripting
Sum Values

Question Types

File Upload
Timer Question
Semantic Differential
Matrix Questions - Multi-Type Question
Single Answer Combo Box Question
Ranking Questions
Date/Time Question
Dropdown Grid
Constant Sum
Multiple Choice Grid
Text Response Grid
Check Box (Multiple Answer Questions)
Dropdown Questions
Star Rating
Slider Question
Multiple Choice
Text Response
Image Choice
Location selection using Google Maps or OpenStreetMaps
Text/Section Heading
Public display of results

Check out our Question Types page to see screen shots!

Question Options

Import/export survey structure
Import/export questions/answers
Checkbox Validation (x/x choices)
Randomize Questions
Add Choices in Bulk
Randomize Question Choices & Variables
Alphabetize Choices
Validate Responses
Format & Style Text
Insert Images & Videos
Customize Layout
Add "Other" Text Box
Add Question Identifiers
Make Questions Optional/Required

Publishing Options

Protection against automated responses (CAPTCHA)
Secure your Survey with SSL
Compatible with External Online Panels
Survey Quota Management
Deadline Management - Survey Start and End Dates
Deadline Management - Survey End Date
Pop-up Surveys
Save and Continue Later (without cookies)
Start Survey in any Language
Customizable Redirect URL (exit page)
Password Protect your Surveys
Custom Short URLs for your Surveys
Restrict Access to Email Invites
Toggle Survey Between Live & Not Live
Survey Restrictions: Session, IP, Cookie, etc.…
Anonymous and Not-Anonymous survey
Allow Users to Print Responses
Email Notifications
Customize End Pages (Thank you, Termination, etc.)
Customize Button Text
Customize Error Messages
Google Analytics Integration

Collect Data

Branded Web Links
Android Mobile App   (call for quote)
Secure Web Links (https://)
Gather Responses Offline - you can generate printed versions of surveys, and manually key in responses
Open and closed group of participant surveys
Send Out Personalized Email Invitations
Embed in your Own Website or Blog
Social Media Integration

Email Invitations

High-volume email gateway with great deliverability rates
Send Out Secure Email Invite Links
Personalized Email Messages
Format Email Messages
Insert Images and HTML (HTML Friendly)
Send Out Reminder Emails
Add Contacts Individually
Import Entire Contact Lists
Save Contact Lists
View Status of Emails Sent (Real Time)
View Status of Invitees
Make Survey Invite Only
View Bounced Emails
Back-office data entry possibility
Customize "From/Reply-To" Email Address and "From" Name


View Tabular Results in Real-time
View Graphical Results in Real-time
View Summary Statistics
View Individual Responses
Delete Individual Responses
Delete Responses in Bulk
Edit Responses
Add Responses
Import Responses

Create Reports

Generate Charts & Graphs
Text Analysis   (data export)

Data Export

Coding and Exporting to SPSS
Export Data to MS Excel
Export Data to SAS   (via SPSS export)
Export Data to queXML
Export Data to R
Export Data to Stata
Tab Delimited CSV
Export Reports to MS Word
Export Reports to MS Excel
Export Reports to PDF
Export respondents' answers to PDF
Export Survey to MS Word
Export Survey to PDF
Export Invite List to CSV

Branding Control

Custom Branding / White Label URL
Access to CSS Stylesheet
Fully Customizable CSS Templates
Upload Logos
Customizable Colors
Customizable Fonts & Styles
Pre-Made Themes

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