A Survey Software Solution for Canadian Assocations

Do you work for a Canadian Association? I'll guess that up to now you've been using Survey Monkey. And alas, you've discovered that Survey Monkey stores all your personal, confidential survey data in the United States.

Uh-oh! The US Patriot Act states that the American government can access and data mine any data stored on servers in the United States. And the fact that you've landed on this page probably means that your Assocation's privacy policy indicates that all data collected by your Canadian association will remain private and won't be released to any 3rd parties.

This means that Survey Monkey is no longer a viable solution for you.

Enter Hosted in Canada Surveys. We're 100% Canadian owned and operated, and our secure servers are located in Toronto, Canada. Which means your Canadian Association's survey data will not be affected by the Patriot Act. Plus, bonus, you're supporting a Canadian company.

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