Exporting a Survey for Backup and Restore

There are times where you may wish to backup your survey structure in order to reuse it at a future date. This can be easily accomplished by using the Export Survey Structure option.

  1. First, select a survey
  2. Next, select the icon Export Survey Structure


  3. We recommend you choose the option XML survey file (*.lss)
  4. Save the resulting file to a folder on your computer

Next you need to Export Response Data.

  1. Select your survey
  2. View your survey responses:


  3. Select the option Export a VV survey file:


  4. Use the default options, and save this file to the same folder as the survey structure file you exported earlier.

Keep these two files safe -- they contain your survey structure and your data.

Later, if you want to create a new survey using the two exported files (either just the survey structure, or addtionally, the data), just email us these two files at the same time you are requesting a new survey, and we will use them to create your new survey.

Need more help? Watch this short video tutorial on How to Create a XML survey file


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