How to Create Likert Scales

Label sets are basically lists; each list has a set of codes and a set of labels and can be used in multiple choice answers in a variety of ways.

Here is an example of how you create a survey label set. If one wants to define a custom 7-points Likert scales, a label set provides this function.

1. For the rating questions -- first you should create a label set for your ratings:


2. Then, when you are creating each survey question make sure you set the Type to Array.


Then save the question.

3. When the page refreshes after you save, you'll be able to see the option to create a subquestion :


4. Select the button Predefined label sets... and from the Label Set browser, choose the label set you created in step 1


5. Repeat this for each question -- this way you just create your 60 questions, and assign the 1 label set to each of them

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