Ending a Survey
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There are two ways for closing a survey: Expiry or Deactivation.

It is strongly recommended to use the expiry option to close a survey. - See why below:


You can manuallly expire the survey if you edit the survey details and set an "Expiry Date" - alternatively when trying to deactivate the survey an option to expire will be offered which does the same.

When you expire a survey:

  • No results are lost
  • No respondent information is lost
  • Changing of questions, groups and parameters is limited in the same way that an active survey is
  • An expired survey is not accessible to participant (they only see a message that the survey has expired)
  • It's possible to perform statistics on responses

To make the survey available to your participants again, change or remove the expiration date in your survey settings.

See the related article at right to learn how to change Expiry date.


Click on "Stop this survey" in the administration panel.

When you deactivate a survey:

  • All results are lost (search for I accidentally deactivated my survey to learn about a possible way to recover results)
  • All respondent information is lost
  • All participant data is lost
  • All questions, groups and parameters are editable again
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