Adjusting times and setting your time zone

If you notice that your times aren't reflecting your local time, you just need to make a simple change in the platform's Global Settings to apply the appropriate time offset. 

You can find Global settings by click the Configuration menu option at the top right of any page, and then selecting Global Settings. . 

Next, click on the General tab, and in Time difference (in hours) field set the value to the appropriate offset. Time offsets are based on UTC (Coordinated Universal Time).


Standard Time Zones
Daylight Saving Time Zones

Newfoundland Standard Time = UTC-3.5

Newfoundland Daylight Time = UTC-2.5

Atlantic Standard Time = UTC-4

Atlantic Daylight Time = UTC-3

Eastern Standard Time = UTC-5

Eastern Daylight Time = UTC-4

Central Standard Time = UTC-6

Central Daylight Time = UTC-5

Mountain Standard Time = UTC-7

Mountain Daylight Time = UTC-6

Pacific Standard Time = UTC -8

Pacific Daylight Time = UTC-7

So, if you are in Atlantic Canada, and it is Daylight Savings Time, you'd enter -3, as shown below:

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