How to Apply Conditions to groups
The following is a way to hide an entire group of questions, using the condition builder as a starting point. 
  1. Choose the first question in the group you want to hide.
  2. Click the Set conditions button on the question summary page and build out your condition
  3. When done, return to the question summary page
  4. Under the Question summary section you'll see the label Relevance equation and some text in brackets to the left of it -- this is the conditional equation if you will.
  5. Copy the text, including the brackets:

  6. In image above, you'd select ((T1.NAOK == "Y")) and copy this to your clipboard. 
  7. Now go and edit the question group you want to hide
  8. Look for the field called "Relevance Equation" and paste the equation you copied, into this field. 

  9. Save the changes

Now, if the condition is met, all questions in the question group will be hidden from the respondent.

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