How to configure a question for auto-complete
Usually, when you have a list of single option you want people to select from, you would use a List question type like Radio or Dropdown. 

However, if you have hundreds of options, this style of output , and you'd like the participant to be able type their response and have the options auto-complete. 

You can accomplish this on our platform by following these steps:

1. Choose the question type "Short text".
2. Enter a unique question code and the text for your question. 
3. Save the question 
4. On the Question summary page, take note of the question ID (it will be in parentheses like (ID : ) -- see below:

5. Open the right panel called "Advanced Settings" and scroll down to the heading "Script". The box will be empty (if don't see the box, please submit a support ticket so we can enable this feature for you)

6. Copy and paste the following text into the box (and be sure to replace qID with your question ID):
$(document).ready(function() {
   var qID = 8343;
   $('#question'+qID+' input[type="text"]').autocomplete({
   minLength: 2, // This line is optional, signifies number of keystrokes before autocomplete is initiated
source: ["Test1","Test2","Test3"]
It will look like:

7. Replace "Test1","Test2","Test3" with your own quote/comma delimited list of options. So for example, to list provinces, you'd use: "Ontario","Quebec","Nova Scotia"

8. Save the question, and then, in the text box, start typing -- after you type two characters, matching options will be displayed. 

9. If their response option doesn't exist in your list, the participant will be able to enter their own response.
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