Using Quotas to Early Terminate Survey Based on Acceptance / Consent Question
A common requirement in a survey is to have a Acceptance Question. This might be a question like:

Do you agree to our Terms of Participation? Yes | No

If people answer No, you want to terminate the survey and show them a message.

Here are the steps you need to follow to set this up for your survey.

Note: Quotas can be based on any of the following question types:
  • List (Radio)
  • List (Dropdown)
  • List with comments
  • Multiple Choice
  • Array - 5 Point Choice
  • Array - 10 Point Choice
  • Yes/No
  • Gender
How to Create the Quota

Go to your survey Summary page and then from the left menu, select Settings->Survey Menu>Quotas. You'll see a screen like below:

Click on the Add new quota button. You'll be presented with a screen where you define global settings for your Quota:

1. Quota name: Enter a descriptive title to help you describe the quota
2. Limit: Set this to 0 if you don't want anyone to be able to enter the survey if they meet this quota
3. Quota action: You want the survey to end if participants don't accept your terms, so you set this to Terminate Survey
4. Auto Load URL: If enabled, you can automatically redirect participants to a web address somewhere, perhaps with your organization
5. Active: Set this to Yes
6. Quota Message: Message to display to participants when they trigger this quota (shown only if you have Autoload URL disabled)
7. URL: URL to present to users on terminate page (or used for autoload)
8. URL Description: The text that links to the URL

Once you've completed this screen, click on the Save button, and you'll return to the Quota screen, and now you'll see your quota:

Click on the Add answer button to complete the final steps in creating your Quota. This will let you choose which question you are using as your Acceptance of Terms:

And then select the answer that will be used to terminate the survey:

Once you save your selection above, you'll be returned to the Quota management page, and you'll see your quota summary:

In summary, by creating a quota, and setting the allowed number of responses to 0, and then selecting your Acceptance question, with the answer No -- you are saying that the maximum number of "No" responses allowed by the survey, is zero -- and therefore anyone who answers No will trigger the Quota, and will be prevented from completing the survey, and instead will be presented with your Quota message and ending URL.

How to Test Quotas
Quotas only work when survey is activated. So if you set a quota with limit '0' and the survey is not activated, the quota check will not work. 

IMPORTANT: You must activate your survey to test quotas. Quotas do not work if your survey is not activated.
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