How to make some Multiple Short Text fields mandatory
If you are using the Multiple Short text question (for example, to collect address information), you might want to make some rows mandatory, and some not. 

You can easily do this as follows -- we use the example of collecting Title, First Name, and Last Name -- where first name and last name are required:

1. Create your question and add your sub-questions -- here are our sub-questions -- note the codes you used:

2. Go to your Question Summary page, and open the Advanced settings panel, and scroll down to "Sub-question validation equation". This is where you'll write your validation rule. 

Below, we show make sure that Name_FName and Name_LName are not empty note how we prefix the answer code with the question code + an underscore:

We also enter text for our validation tip to help the respondent know which items are mandatory:

The validation equation rule translates to English as: If FName is not empty, and LName is not empty then we have the two mandatory fields, and it is okay to submit it.
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