Removing hyphenation in text
If you find that text is hyphenated in odd places in the text, you can disable this behaviour by adding the following CSS to the end of your template's custom.css file:

/* customization - remove hyphenation */
#outerframeContainer { hyphens: none; word-wrap: none; }
* { -moz-hyphens:none; -ms-hyphens:none; -webkit-hyphens: none; hyphens:none; }

To edit your theme's CSS file:

1. Click on Configuration->Themes
2. Find your theme and click on the button "Theme Editor"
3. On the left side, find the section "CSS files"
4. Click on custom.css
5. Scroll to the bottom of the code editor for the CSS file
6. Paste the CSS snippet shown above on a new line at the bottom of the custom.css file
7. Click the Save Changes button.
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