What do you mean by "X" number of surveys in an account?
We offer several different subscription options to meet the varying customer requirements.

Each of our subscriptions offers a certain number of surveys per instance. By "Surveys" we mean a container into which you could design, collect data, or house an expired survey that is no longer collecting responses. 

So, if you subscribe to our Basic or SOHO plans, you'll only be able to have 1 survey in your account at any time. You can upgrade your account to another subscription if you need more surveys. 

If you subscribe to our Enterprise Series, you will start with 10 (Starter), 100 (One), or unlimited survey containers (Prime). On the Starter or One, you can purchase monthly 5-pack survey add-ons. Contact us for current pricing. 

With all our packages, you can export a survey archive (backup) file. You can then delete a survey from its container, and thus re-use that container for a new survey. At a later time, if you want to restore your backup, you just need an empty container into which to restore it. 
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