Can I export my surveys and responses?
Yes, you can export your survey structure for offline archival purposes. You can also export your data as part of this archive.

A. Export Survey Structure or Archive File (Offline backup)

You can export :
A) your survey structure to save for later, or 
B) you can export an active survey archive file. The active survey archive will contain the survey structure, plus all responses and all participant data. 

To export follow these steps:

1. Select your survey and go to the survey summary page
2. Select the horizontal menu item Display / Export:
3. Select to export either Survey structure or Survey archive
4. Depending on how your web browser is set up, you will either:
a) Be presented with a pop to Open or Save the file -- Choose Save and select a location on your local computer to save the file
b) The file will be automatically saved to your default Download folder on your computer. Open that folder and sort by date (most recent first), or search for the file extension LSS or LSA to find your backup file.

Here's where the above process starts, on the Survey summary page for your survey:

B. Export your Response Data for Offline Analysis

You can also export your data in a variety of other formats, include Excel/CSV (comma separated value), SPSS, and STATA-xml, R Export, and VV formats.

To export raw response data:

1. Select your survey from the survey list to go to the Survey summary page
2. Click on the Responses button in the horizontal menu
3. Select Responses and Statistics
4. Click the Export menu button in the horizontal menu
5. Select Export results to an application...

From this screen you can choose what format to export your date, which response columns to include (all by default), and other options. 
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