Anonymous Contest / Gift Card / Incentive Form
Are you providing an incentive program to reward participants for completing your survey?

If you are running an anonymous survey, you can't collect the participant's email address as part of the survey otherwise your survey isn't anonymous anymore. 

To solve this challenge, we offer an anonymous Incentive Form service. It works like this:

1. You submit a ticket to us requesting that this service be added to your account (or you can add it when you first sign up for your subscription). Billing starts immediately and is currently $19/month.
2. We ask you what data you want to collect (usually at least Name and Email address) and any custom text you want to appear on the form. We'll also need to know the ID of your survey. 
3. We provide you with a link that is independent of your survey account.
4. In the End Message of your survey, you provide some custom text inviting people to complete the incentive form, along with the link we provide you with. 
5. They click on the link and leave your survey to go to the incentive form. 
6. Our form makes sure they are coming from your end page (meaning only people who complete your survey can complete the form)
7. The participant submits the form, and you are emailed their submission. 

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