Generate Google Translation API Key

Generate Google API Key

Setting up API keys for Google Translate

This step by step tutorial will guide you though generating a Google Translate API Key.

    1. Create a new Project
    2. Go to API Services
    3. Create new API key
    4. Restrict API to particular website
    5. Restrict usage to control costs – Important!
    6. Copy API key
    7. Paste into your General Configuration Settings

In order to create a Google Translate API Key you need a paid account. Through their terms and services, Google doesn’t allow for non-paid usage of their Translation API.

More information is available at:

To create your application’s API key simply follow the steps below:

Go to the Cloud Platform Console.

1. Create a new Project from the top bar.

2. With the new project selected, go to the hamburger menu to the left and visit API & Services

From Dashboard enable Google Translate API

Search for translate API and enable it

google clould translation api

3. From the credentials interface create a new API Key.

4. Restrict your API Key to a particular website

In Google Dashboard, for the HTTP Referrer, use the root URL for you survey account (for example: -- where myaccount is your account name)

5. Restrict Usage of API

In order to have control over the cost of Google Translate API, it is highly recommended to set quotas to limit the usage.

Go to Google API’s & Services → Dashboard → Cloud Translation API → Quotas and set up quotas as shown in the following screenshot.

TranslatePress Google cloud translation quotas

6. Copy your API Key to Your Global Settings

Copy the API Key from Google API’s & Services:

Go to your survey dashboard, select Configuration → Global Settings, and on the General tab, scroll down to Google Translate API key, paste the Key, and then at top right of the page, click the Save button.

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