Public Statistics


You can display simple statistics to the general public or to your participants after they have completed filling out an online survey.

Enabling Public Statistics

There are two steps involved in activating and displaying statistics to your participants. Firstly you must enable public statistics for your survey (by default this is turned off). This setting is in your main survey toolbar, General Settings – in the Presentation and Navigation Tab. Look for the setting "Public Statistics". There is also a setting here called "Show graphs in public statistics" which – if turned on – will show graphs as well as the counts (by default only numerical statistics are displayed).

Once you’ve set your survey to display statistics, you need to indicate question-by-question which statistics are displayed to your participants. By default, no questions are selected for display.

You choose which questions will be shown in the public statistics page by editing each question. In the Statistics Tab for each question is an option "Show in public statistics". Once you set this setting to "On" the question will be included on the public statistics page.

What participants see

Once you’ve enabled public statistics, and selected some questions to display, an additional option will be visible to participants when they’ve completed filling out your survey. In addition to the usual thank you, there will be a link to "View the statistics for this survey"

If your participants click on this link they will be able to see a page detailing the responses to the questions you’ve selected, and a graph (if you chose to display graphs too).

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