Working with Individual Responses
You can access individual responses via the Response screen. Features include:
  • View response details
  • Generate Printable PDF copy of a single response
  • Edit a response
  • Download all attachments associated with an individual response
  • Delete a response
  • Delete attachments
To access Responses, start at the Survey summary page, and select Responses:
Next, select the Display Responses option:

Exporting Response Date

If you want to export responses to CSV or Excel, select Export->Export results to an application.
You can also export your data to SPSS (syntax and date file) from Export->Export results to a SPSS file

Working with Individual Responses

If you click on Display responses from the menu, you'll see a paginated list of your responses. At the lower right side of the page, you can select how many responses to show per page. 
Responses can either be "Completed" or "Incomplete". You can Show all, or apply a filter:

Downloading Attachments, Editing Responses, and Bulk Actions

To the left of each responses, you'll find a series of icons. Refer to the diagram below to learn about their features:

Managing Saved but not Submitted Responses

If you have enabled Save and return later on your survey, you may have participants who have Saved, but not submitted their responses yet. You can access these responses via this menu option:

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