Move "Other" question to another position
By default, if you enable the Show "Other" option, the answer will appear last in your list of answer options:

However, if it is preferrable for Other to appear elsewhere in your list, can accomplish this with some JavaScript.

Assuming your answer options are using answer codes “SQ001”, “SQ002”, … you can use the following code snippet to place the “other” option before the 4th answer option (SQ004  - “Decline” -- in the example above). 

Copy the following code and paste it into the Script panel in your question details (edit line #5 and replace SQ004 with your own relevant answer code): 

$(document).ready(function() {
/* Adjust these settings */
 var move_element="other";
 var place_before="SQ004";
/* Please do NOT change the lines below */
var place_before="javatbd{SGQ}"+place_before;
var move_element="javatbd{SGQ}"+move_element;

Save your question, and preview it to confirm the Other option is in the desired location:

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