Participant Panel Engagements
To provide our customers with the best value for participant panel engagement we partner with a variety of 3rd party participant panel providers.

Our partnerships provide a guarantee that your participant response data remains anonymous, as explained below.

Responses cannot be linked back to individual panelists, as we do not have any personally identifying information about participants: we neither manage or have access to panelist details and our partners do not have access to your survey response data (as stated in our Data Security Protection Statement).

That is, neither you, Hosted in Canada Surveys, nor our panel partners can associate a specific response back to the participant who provided the response since personally identifying information is never provided to us by the third party panels and we do not share response data with any third parties (see our Data Security Protection Statement). All the panel provider knows is that a participant completed your survey via a SHA256 hash value.

When we configure your survey, we ask if would like to store this one-way salted hash value as part of your response data. You can opt out of having the hash saved with your response data -- the choice is yours. You do not need to have this value saved with your responses.
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