4. Additional token options
Tokens are not limited to just name and e-mail addresses, you could add a range of prior information about your respondents, to be used in the survey. Additionally, you can change a number of additional access control related options in the general settings of the survey. Anonymize responses, allow respondents to edit their responses, set up token based persistence (saves progress on the server so a participant will automatically be taken to back to where he was, for example after a browser crash) and allow public token registration.

Adding custom token attributes

Let’s say you wanted to add the company or institution a participant works for, to create a tailored welcome message later. First, you have to create the token attribute in the Participants management screen. Make sure you are in the Participants management  screen, then click the button for Manage attributes.

On the next screen, specify how many new attributes you want to create (you can always return later to create new ones).

Next, you'll see a screen where you can specify the properties of your custom attribute:


1) The Attribute field is created by the system. You can use this as a placeholder if you want to insert the value into email templates, questions, etc. The placeholder syntax is {attribute_1}, {attribute_2}, etc.
2) The Field Description is a friendly way for you to describe the field
3) Toggle Mandatory to On if it must be in the import file
4) Toggle Show during registration to On if you want participants to complete this field when registration for a survey that has Public registration enabled
5) Field caption is the text that will appear beside the field on the Public registration form
6) CPDB mapping is used is you are using the Central Participants database

General Settings for Tokens/Participants at Survey Properties

You can set some additional survey options related to the use of tokens in the Survey Properties->General settings and text page of the survey menu. If you're still in the Participants management screen, click the Home icon on the left menu to return to the survey summary page. Then open General settings and text, and scroll down the Tokens panel on the right site of the page.

Here, you can anonymize responses, separating tokens from the participants’ responses, allow participants to edit responses after completion, set up token based persistence (saves progress on the server so a participant will automatically be taken to back to where he was, for example after a browser crash), allow public registration (which will allow anyone who knows the address of the survey to create a token and participate, one per email address) and the use of HTML in emails (if you don’t know what this means, then leave it on yes. If you do change it, make sure your emails still display as expected) and an option to change the length of the token (for increased security you could use longer tokens, but the default of 15 is usually fine. Only accepts values higher than 5).
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