2. Enabling Survey Participant Management
To make access control work, you need to enable Survey participants, create a list of participants, generate the actual token codes, and invite participants with their token.

Enabling Survey Participants

You can enable tokens at any time, you do not have to have finalized or activated the survey first. To start the process, you need to click the button "Survey participants" from your survey summary page.

You will see an information screen with a warning that If you initialise a survey participant table for this survey then this survey will only be accessible to users who provide a token either manually or by URL. 

Press the Initialise Participant Table button when you are sure you want to proceed.

The Survey Participant Summary Screen

On this screen, you'll see summary information about your participants. The menu along the top gives you access to the following features:

1. Display Participants: Takes you to a screen where you can look up participants, check their survey status, sending individual invitations and reminders, and edit their records.
2. Create... : Provides you with ways to create participant records, including manual data entry or importing from a CSV file.
3. Manage attributes: Let's you create custom fields (attributes) for any custom data you want to import or associate with your participants
4. Export: Lets you export participants
5. Invitations and Reminders: Includes access to edit your email message templates, along with manual ability to send bulk invitations and reminders to participants.
6. Generate tokens: Participant records must have a token if you want to send them invitations and reminders (or in fact, what them to participate at all). You need to request the creation of these tokens (this lets you import participants and exclude them from emails until you create the tokens).

Create a list of participants

For now, click the Create... button. You can now create a record for each participant. By default, the Participant Record has three attributes with information on the participant, containing first name, last name and email address. The other fields are used within the system to keep track of email address validity, invitation and reminder emails, validity periods, etc. You do not have to enter anything other then the names and email address, although you might want to define a period of validity.

Importing a large number of Participants

In theory, you can use this form to create a record for each participant, but with large surveys it is often faster to import participants from a CSV file. Search our KB for Importing participants from a CSV file to learn more.

Creating Custom Attributes

If you have additional information about your participants that you would like to add to the tokens, you can do this with custom attributes. Search our KB for Additional token options to learn more.

Generating token strings

Once your participant table is ready, you need to generate the actual tokens, if you have not set them manually. Click the Generate tokens button to have the system generate a random 15 character token for each participant. This is the ‘access code’ respondents have to enter to fill out a survey.

If you send invitations through the Participant manager, the token is automatically added to the survey URL and respondents should never have to fill it out themselves. However, you could also create your own token values and import them as part of your Participant list. One example where this might be useful is if respondents can also fill out a paper survey, and the token needs to match the survey code of the paper version.

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