Customizing the email template with the survey URL
Sometimes you might be building a bilingual survey, but not know the language of the participants in advance.

In this case, you'd want to send a bilingual invitation and reminder, and will want to include links in the email to allow the participant to choose which language to start the survey in. 

In your Invitation and Reminder emails, you can replace the {SURVEYURL} placeholder with a link that is "hard coded" to specify the language to start the survey in. This hardcoded URL includes a placeholder for the participant's TOKEN. 

1. In the sample below, we have obtained the survey URL from the Survey Summary page :

2. We then modify it to include the participant's token into the survey URL. In the example below, we've added &token={TOKEN:TOKEN} to the end of the URL:



So, in your email template, you would have something similar to:


a) Be sure to use your own survey URL -- not the one shown in this demo!

b) Do not copy and paste the &token={TOKEN:TOKEN} from this article into your survey -- it will add HTML markup behind the scenes which will cause your survey link to break.

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