Collect Responses on Android Devices While Offline

Do you need to run surveys while offline? Are you running a survey out in the field where wifi or cellular data availaiblity isn't an option? No worries, you can collect your survey data using your Android device. Then, when you have connectivity, the app will automatically sync your response data to your survey account. You can collect any number of surveys from your device.

Offline data collection is a Perfect solution for mystery shopping projects or interviewing people at any location using a tablet or smartphone. You can even take photos on location or use the bar code scanning feature. 

Want to run a kiosk survey? Lock your device so it can be used for surveys only. Useful for collecting feedback at restaurants, service centers, exhibitions. No Internet connection required.

The app is freely available via the Google Play Store. Download it today!

Download offline survey app from google playNote: The Free version of the app limits the # of synced responses to 10, to allow you to test the app. To use this app with real-world surveys you'll need to purchase a PRO License. We can faciliate this process for you.

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