November 2017 Update Release

We've just completed our November 2017 service patch release. Some great new features have been added, along with the never-ending task of chasing down quirky bugs!

Some of the new features include:


  • New mass actions on questions and responses : Quickly toggle all (or many) of your questions between mandatory or non-mandatory, bulk move questions between question groups. To see the options, go to List questions, check one or more questions, and click the "Selected questions" button at the bottom left of the screen.
  • Mass actions for responses : You can select one or more responses, and delete responses, delete file attachments associated with each response, download in ZIP format files associated with one or more responses, and select select groups of questions.
  • Batch editting of participant records : You can now select one or more participants and batch edit. In combination with the participant filter, this becomes a powerful tool to update values like Email status, change the invitation and reminder sent indicators, or token uses left.
  • Improved Printing of Completed Response: You can now print individual responses to PDF, in a formal layout useful for offline archiving of individual responses. If you enable Participants may print answers under Survey Settings->Presentation and navigation, participants will be able to export their completed response to this PDF layout.

Here's the full list of new features and bug fixes:

+ New Feature: Add mass action to delete uploaded files for multiple responses at once
+ New Feature: New button to remove uploaded files while keeping the response it self
+ New Feature: Storage data overview in global settings
+ New Feature: Added editing of participants/tokens to mass actions
+ New Feature Copy, export and import survey plugin settings
+ New Feature: Copy survey from API (remotecontrol)
+ New Feature: Mass action to export selected responses 
+ New Feature: Purge survey files possibly left from erroneous delete 
+ New Feature: Professional PDF export of individual responses, and option for participants to download PDF copy of responses
- Fixed Issue: SPSS Export - responses truncated for incomplete answers 
- Fixed Issue: SPSS exporting complete or uncomplete make different syntax
- Fixed Issue: Survey logic file completely unprintable
- Fixed Issue: Some participants cannot be saved for no obvious reason
- Fixed Issue: Captcha breaking token persistence
- Fixed Issue: Some placeholders in e-mail templates would not render correctly under some circumstances
- Fixed Issue: Conditional routing doesn't work on scale and array questions 
- Fixed Issue: Found and fixed some GUI typos
- Fixed Issue: Quota end-url does not allow advanced conditional rules parsing
- Fixed Issue: Participants received wrong tokens if a test invitation was sent, and then a bulk send was done immediately afterwards
- Fixed Issue: Erroneous Incomplete warning for anonymous surveys
- Fixed Issue: Under some circumstances, system was deleting survey folder when using massive action survey delete 
- Fixed Issue: Maps not working properly on https 
- Fixed Issue: Sometimes, when saving survey settings, an error was incorrectly shown
- Fixed Issue: Unable to upload images when sending invitation
- Fixed Issue: In quotas some answer options using non-ASCII characters were not shown in overview
- Fixed Issue: On registering any lang can be set and accepted.
- Fixed Issue: Langage was being rest to default after a participant registered for a survey
- Fixed Issue: Unable to update language in personal settings (setting would not save)
- Fixed Issue: Save ranking question type could result in a survey corruption error
- Fixed Issue: Couldn't add new participant in CPDB when the audit log was active
- Fixed Issue: Central participant database attribute language name didn't save
- Fixed Issue: Login form language was not always updated 
- Fixed Issue: Question index menu was too high when a survey had too many questions
- Fixed Issue: Quota's general screen not working because of missing language definitions
- Fixed Issue: GUI allowed changing ranking columns when survey was active -- feature now correctly disabled
- Fixed Issue: Too many columns error message on response export even if only a few columns were selected
- Fixed Issue: Wrong date conversion on data entry edit/new screens
- Fixed Issue: Could not delete files in template editor that contained a space in the file name
- Fixed Issue: Token/Participant editing - couldn't switch to attributes tab

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