September 2017 Patch Release

During the month of September, we'll be releasing a patch to address the following issues. If you are having issues related to any of the following, and wish to place a priority request to have the patch applied to your instance, please contact us.


+ New feature: Opting out of a survey is now accomplished via a one-click confirmation
- Fixed issue: Quicktranslation tabs not working in some cases
- Fixed issue: convertDateTimeFormat gets wrong fromdateformat in survey list
- Fixed issue: Allow more date formats in date question default answer
- Fixed issue: unable to save Google Analytics key at the individual survey level
- Fixed issue: exporting printable - template assets not visible in some extractors (eg windows default)
- Fixed issue: Permission to delete participants not obeyed in export dialog
- Fixed issue: Importing a Tab-separated survey CSV file with multiline text in the question field does not properly work
- Fixed issue: unable to save Google Analytics key by survey
- Fixed issue: Use of "text fields" as filter in "Participants" and "Answers"
- Fixed issue: Maximum file size not visible during VV import
- Fixed issue: Security issue - Users now need to enter their old password to change the current password
- Fixed issue: Editor was not configured for utf-8
- Fixed issue: Wrong colours in statistics graphs when labels are duplicated
- Fixed issue: Pagination of participants list not working
- Fixed issue: Subquestions not saved in quick translation
- Fixed issue: Error message when uploading images if you logged in and immediately went to the Participant list to update an email template.

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