June 20th Patch Release

A number of bug fixes where addressed in our June 20th patch release. We typically push out non-security related patches every 30 days. Security patches are pushed out as necessary.

The patch included:

  • New feature: Added new boxes to the dashboard making it easier to add surveys and manage subscriptions.
  • Fixed: Cleaner logo on the dashboard (no it wasn't your eyes, it was a bit fuzzy)
  • Fixed: Incorrect date validation when using mm-yyyy dateformat
  • Fixed:5-point array question with semantic differential has bold font on left side and normal font on right side
  • Fixed:Removed "are you human" text from CAPTCHA question -- we're all humans, don't we know?
  • Fixed:Audit Plugin: Property "PluginDynamic.reason" is not defined on Response Table Import
  • Fixed:Weakness in survey import code replacement
  • New feature: Add some collapse feature to remotecontrol function list
  • New feature: RemoteControl : allow to get all attributes in get function
  • Fixed: RemoteControl: properties that are available are not shown
  • Fixed: Potential SQL injection
  • Fixed: DataEntry not opening with array filter questions
  • Fixed: Numeric vars are treated as string during comparison
  • Fixed: Filtering statistics based on numeric question details (e.g. "Number less than X") has no effect
  • Fixed: "Quick add.." replace function does not work anymore
  • Fixed: Date questions do not properly save the date
  • Fixed: Removing language from global settings produces fatal error
  • Fixed: Download files button in Response detail screen mislabelled
  • Fixed: DateTime increased when going forward and back
  • Fixed: Replacement fields are unsorted
  • Fixed: Replacement fields editor not properly working
  • New feature: EM placeholder {SID} in email templates letting you include survey ID in your emails
  • Fixed: Placeholder "TOKEN" does not work in Equation question
  • Fixed: Allow more date formats in date question default answer
  • Fixed: avoid very rare possible duplicate id on a page
  • Fixed: DateTime object can be false
  • Fixed: Unable to use pop up editor in survey setting
  • Fixed: several XSS issues

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