In 2008, our parent company MarketAccess Communications Inc added a single page to their web site promoting an online eSurvey offering. The offering was prompted due to requests from our clients for a solution to a new problem -- how to collect survey data in Canada in light of the Patriot Act.

With the introduction of the US Patriot Act, the Canadian Government, provincial governments, associations, non-profits, all had to start thinking about the appropriateness of collecting data from Canadians, if that data was to be stored in the United States, where it could be accessed by the American government for practically any reason.

From that one page on the MarketAccess web site, we started to get inquiries from across Canada about our hosted in Canada eSurvey offering.

This led to the realization that there was a siginficant need in the Canadian market for a hosted-in-Canada online survey solution.

In early 2009, MarketAccess decided it was high time that Canadian organizations had access to a high-capacity online survey solution that ensured all software and data was stored on servers in Canada, and thus was born.


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